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André Dalwigk The damaged QR Code - Yet another Math Puzzle
Consider this pixel puzzle which somehow looks like a damaged QR Code with clues on the left of every row and on the top of every column. These numbers represent the total amount of "black pixels" within the respective row or column. Counting the black pixels suggests that some of them are missing.
Your first two objectives:
1.) Reconstruct the QR Code by using the clues on the left of every row and on the top of every column.
2.) Scan the QR Code.
The QR code yields a code. Your third and last objective is to transform this code into a pandigital number by using just one simple arithmetic operation. What pandigital number do you get?
Definition: Pandigital number
A pandigital number is one that contains each of the digits from 0 to 9 exactly once. The leading number must not be a 0!
You can also download a MS Excel Sheet with the damaged QR Code matrix:
André Dalwigk Happy Pi-Day! Try to solve this Pidoku-Challenge!
Rules: Fill in the numbers 1-9 exactly once in every row, column, and region. On top of that, you need to use Pi exactly three times in every row, column and region to fill in the remaining gaps.
Additional challenge: Try to find a creative way to write Pi each time you're using it! E. g.: 4*((0.5)!)^2
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