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Peter Reinhardt Ihr Weg zur FDA-Zulassung
Die USA sind der weltgrößte Markt für Medizinprodukte – und das macht diesen Markt gerade für die extrem export-orienteierten deutschen Hersteller interessant. Doch anders als in Europa ist dort eine Behörde für die Zulassung und Überwachung von Medizinprodukten zuständig, die Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
Medizintechnikunternehmen, die ihre Produkte in den USA vertreiben, sollten daher mit den FDA-Zulassungsverfahren und FDA-Inspektionen oder auch der 510(k) Premarket Notification vertraut sein. Für all jene, die hier noch Weiterbildungsbedarf haben, bietet die DeviceMed-Akademie auch 2019 wieder das passende Seminar:
Ihr Weg zur FDA-Zulassung: Inverkehrbringung von Medizinprodukten in den USA und Vorbereitung auf eine FDA-Inspektion
Die nächsten Termine:
• 8+-9. April 2019 Düsseldorf (nur noch wenige Plätze)
• 10+11. Juli 2019 Stuttgart
• 9+-10. Dezember 2019 Frankfurt am Main
Swati Ingale Cardiovascular Devices Market Forecast by 2025: Abbott Laboratories, Omron, Advanced Cardiac Therapeutics, Carmat, Volcano
The researchers find out why sales of Cardiovascular Devices Market Extract are projected to surge in the coming years. The study covers the trends that will strongly favor the industry during the forecast period, 2019 to 2025. Besides this, the study uncovers important facts associated with lucrative growth and opportunities that lie ahead for the Cardiovascular Devices Market Extract industry.
Trend Insight Report - Request Free PDF Sample Copy of Cardiovascular Devices Market at
Key points from TOC
7 Global Cardiovascular Devices Market Extract Manufacturers Profiles/Analysis
7.1 Abbott Laboratories
7.1.1 Abbott Laboratories Cardiovascular Devices Production Sites and Area Served
7.1.2 Cardiovascular Devices Product Introduction, Application and Specification
7.1.3 Abbott Laboratories Cardiovascular Devices Production, Revenue, Price and Gross Margin (2014-2019)
7.1.4 Main Business and Markets Served
7.2 Omron
7.2.1 Omron Cardiovascular Devices Production Sites and Area Served
7.2.2 Cardiovascular Devices Product Introduction, Application and Specification
7.2.3 Omron Cardiovascular Devices Production, Revenue, Price and Gross Margin (2014-2019)
7.2.4 Main Business and Markets Served
smita Ingle Sports Medicine Market - Trends and Forecast To 2030
Sports Medicine is the branch of medicine that deals with overcoming injuries and discomforts occurred during sporting events or during exercising routines. To clarify, Sports medicine is not a special branch of medicine itself, but it is rather a group of certified doctors who receive additional training regarding the same. Physical therapists, Certified Athletic trainers and nutritionists are some examples of people who administer Sports medicines. Injuries sustained during sports or exercising routine may range from ankle and knee sprains, exercise induced asthama attacks, cartilage related injuries and fractures or tendonitis. Treatment of Sports Medicine requires attending physicians to have attained knowledge of musculoskeletal medicine. Sports and Medicine Doctors (SEM’s) are responsible for treating the subject’s muscle, ligament, tendon and bone injuries as well as chronic illness that affect physical performance such as asthama and diabetes. The study report for Sport Medicines contains segregation of the domain into various other sub-domains such as various kinds of products, applications for Sports Medicine, regional distribution, the surrounding trends and a detailed forecast for the mentioned years. If you want a free sample of the study, kindly follow the procedures at the given link and one of our executives will get back to you at the latest.
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smita Ingle Medical holography is transforming the future of Medical Imaging
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A hologram appears to be a 3 dimensional image that can be observed with the naked eye. A 3-Dimensional structure is created and can be viewed as a 2D image.Holography is the science that is associated with photographing recordings of a light rays and then displaying them in an open environment. Medical Holography is the science that is associated with creating visuals of the interiors of the body for the sole purpose of clinical analysis to cure and diagnose. Along with the interiors of the body, Medical Imaging can also provide imaging related to organs and other body systems. Holography can be used in the field of medicine; this has enabled surgeon to view patient’s organs and anatomy on a 3D scale.It works by establishing a clear understandable database of normal anatomy and physiology to help us understand the abnormalities. Applications for Medical Holography include telemedicine, 3D mapping technologies and remote video conferencing to name a few.These medical holograms are widely used in hospitals, clinics, educational institutes, medical schools.
allan walkar Hyperpigmentation Disorders Treatment Market Size, Market Share, Application Analysis, Growth Trends and Forecasts, 2019 To 2030
Hyperpigmentation is a skin condition, where the skin turns dark in patches as compared to its normal surrounding skin. In most cases, formation of such patches occur due to the accumulation of excess of melanin, a brownish pigment responsible for normal skin color. The condition of hyperpigmentation is known to affect people from all races.
The global hyperpigmentation disorders treatment market is driven by technological advancements in the pigmentation treatment and therapy arena, increasing patient awareness and health care expenditure, and rising geriatric population. Rising adoption of minimally invasive procedure, increasing medical tourism for aesthetics has been crucial in contributing to increasing growth of the hyperpigmentation disorders treatment market.
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