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Meet Magento Association exists for all merchants and companies who are active in any form of commerce. Become part of the Magento Community

Jane Len 10 beste Open Source Ecommerce Platforms für Jahr 2018 sind in unserem neuen Artikel dargestellt!
Marat Mingazov Features of Social Commerce for eCommerce Business
Social networks are used not only for conversations or fun, but they are powerful tool for business growth. Read more about how to use social media for eCommerce in the related article.
Marat Mingazov Magento 2 Extensions for Personalized User Experience
Personalization is taking a leading place among other recent trends in eCommerce business sector. Not every store has been implemented personalized pop-ups or content with related products, advanced search, and other useful features yet. That is why I would like to share the article that covers this question with the examples from Magento store functionality.


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