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Marat Mingazov 5 Advantages of Magento Mobile Site in M-Commerce Era
A mobile site is a must to have for any business. Most of the users use their phones to shop, work and communicate. So, if you are looking towards mobile optimization, here are 5 facts to move further with this decision.
Marat Mingazov Tips to Improve your Magento 2 Store Performance
These tips will help you to optimize the overall performance of your Magento 2 store.
Marat Mingazov Magento Omnichannel Features
I want to share more wonderful Magento 2 features. One of them is an omnichannel package. With it, you can track and manage your inventories via point of sale system, work with orders and analyze customers behavior and past advertising campaigns to improve the user experience. Learn more in the related article.
Marat Mingazov Choosing Magento 2 Version for Your eCommerce Store
Magento has proven its efficiency and scalability that works for businesses all over the world. Still, there are a lot of websites which use 1 version of Magento. This article will compare 1 and 2 version, and you will see why it is better to upgrade to Magento 2.x now.
Marat Mingazov Voice Search in Magento 2 Online Store
Voice search is a recent trend not only for devices, but for eCommerce websites. Learn more about Voice search trends, features and which voice search extensions exist on the market.


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