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Right now we are looking for a Full Stack Developer (m/f) who will be working with amazing new technologies - such as Meteor and React - in a growing team. As an expert for the most modern web technologies, you are supporting us with the conception and development of new exciting features.
Your Challenge:
• You will be developing the quantilope market research platform together with a highly agile team.
• You act quickly and decisively upon changing environments, optimize workflows and share your knowledge with your team.
• Together with the team you will be involved in the complete product development life cycle, from conception to live operability.
• You design and create test conditions and scripts to address business and technical use cases.
• You use existing tools and techniques to execute test cases and build/script new tools for performing testing/validation function.
Your profile:
• You have successfully finished several projects with technologies such as NodeJS, Mongo and React.
• You are familiar with design patterns and clean code is one of your passions!
• You are an expert with version control systems, esp. git.
• You have solid knowledge and experience in software testing (unit, integration and end-to-end tests).
• Plus: relevant hands on experience on browser automation toolkits such as Selenium or BDD frameworks like Cucumber etc.
• Plus: you have already set up an application based on state of the art microservice architecture.
• Plus: experience with modern deployment architectures, including AWS and Docker.
We offer:
• a great company culture with great openness, drive and fun.
• a loft office with fresh fruit, drinks and coffee in the very heart of Hamburg.
• regular exchange with other developers at Meetups.
• awesome international and multicultural team mates.
• a collaborative and empowering environment to develop yourself.
About quantilope GmbH
We are quantilope and we have a product which turns the market research industry upside down! An automated self-service platform based on newest technologies delivers professional consumer insights fast as lightning. With the help of this solution, we have already delighted various great brands. Together with established investors, we are now ready for the next step and are searching for motivated and excellent recruits who want to become part of our success story.
Please send your application including your salary expectations and possible entry date by mail to Ursula Jocham (
quantilope GmbH • Schulterblatt 58 • 20357 Hamburg • +
Dan Benzmann DM910: JavaScript Entwickler (M/W)
DM910: JavaScript Entwickler (M/W)
Standort- Deutschland
Projektstart- ASAP
Ihre Voraussetzungen:
- Erfahrung in der Entwicklung mit jQuery, jQuery Mobile
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Feel free to refer to this request to friends, acquaintances and colleagues.
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Adil Mishra Infographic on Top 5 Mobile Development Frameworks
Frameworks have become a savior in today’s world of multiple programming languages and operating systems. What if you want to design a cross-platform app? Can you imagine the time and energy you would have to put to learning all the different syntaxes and programming paradigms? Well, these are why frameworks are extremely helpful.
Want to learn more about mobile development and five easy and useful frameworks?
Check out this awesome projects-packed course, in the infographic below:
Adil Mishra 7 of the Latest JavaScript MV* Frameworks
JavaScript is currently one of the most popular programming languages that is used on the web today. It was not very popular in the beginning, because it was not designed for server side programming. Because of it being mainly focused on designing User Interfaces, a lot of developers, particularly those that are already professionals, thought that it was best for inexperienced developers. Now that User Experience has become an important part of web development, JavaScript’s popularity has started increasing. There are so many devices, other than the desktop, that are being used to access the same content on the web, which is why User Experience is important in web development and the reason why JavaScript is being used so much today. Now that HTML5 and CSS3 are on the rise, websites being created are more adaptive and responsive and JavaScript is helping a lot in this.
There are a few libraries and frameworks that help in structuring JavaScript applications. The MV* are libraries which implement MVP and MVVM Patterns. Some of the latest ones include:
Dan Benzmann JavaScript Entwickler (M/W)
JavaScript Entwickler (M/W)
Standort- Berlin, Deutschland
Beschäftigungsform- Festanstellung
Ihre Voraussetzungen:
- Idealerweise Erfahrung in der Entwicklung mit jQuery, jQuery Mobile
- Kenntnisse in HTML,CSS
- Viele weitere Informationen und Details erhalten Sie von mir in einem persönlichen Gespräch.
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