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Our new travel trend report 2018 for tour & activity providers, DMOs and tour operators is published.
Since 2016, our travel trends content has been viewed over 200k times. We really hope this new 92-page report lives up to your expectations.
Learn more about:
- The importance of experiences and what travellers are searching for.
- Booking trends and behaviours that will continue to evolve and shape 2018.
- Generational markets - we'll explore what travel experiences they want.
- The rise of Eastern markets and how they're experiencing travel
- LGBTQ tourism, solo female travel, sustainable travel and a whole lot more.
You can download your free copy here:
Amor Dhaouadi Ihr kultureller und geschäftlicher Ratgeber für Ihre nächste Reise in den Mittleren Osten.
Was Sie kulturell und geschäftlich beachten müssen, wenn Sie im Mittleren Osten geschäftlich unterwegs sind und erfolgreich sein wollen.


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