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Dipl.-Ing. Stefan Schwerdtfeger

To address the surge of COVID-19, governments all over the world are developing stringent surveillance mechanisms to ensure that people in high-risk zones, or those instructed to be under strict home quarantine. Smartphone apps integrated with geotagging features have been rolled out by various governments to ensure adherence to social distancing. Health surveillance in the wake of this pandemic has essentially become a mic of technology and human intelligence. The updated report will account for Covid19 as a key market contributor.

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The recent COVID-19 pandemic that has been ravaging numerous countries across the globe has adversely affected the overall sensor, control, and automation industry. While the capital investments in the automation sector have been lethargic before the pandemic, they are expected to be put on hold or postponed for at least a year. However, the recent standstill in industrial manufacturing and production is anticipated to act as a wake-up call for the manufacturing sector on its reliance on human labor. This, in turn, is expected to highlight the advantages of robotics and automation helping a greater adoption in the post-pandemic period. As IoT, industrial automation, and digitalization are expected to become increasingly relevant to post-pandemic Tier 1 manufacturers, it may eventually turn into an opportunity especially in evolving supply chains. The report will account for Covid19 as a key market contributor.

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