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Modern C++

JOBS IM MARKTPLATZ oder/und unter POSTEN! Hier geht es um C++, Modern C++ & die neuen Standards > C++11.

Jens Weller Meeting C++ 2018
Torsten Robitzki Jens Weller
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Nur für XING Mitglieder sichtbar Live Webinar: How to Improve Testing Coverage with Automated Code Coverage Analysis
How effective are your Unit & Regression testing efforts? Learn all about code coverage analysis, different coverage levels and more in this webinar!
When: June 12, 2018 11:00 CEST
Duration: 45 minutes incl. Q&A
Free registration:
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Nur für XING Mitglieder sichtbar Squish Coco 4.2 introduces Code Complexity Metrics And Unifies Cross-platform Code Analysis
We are proud to announce the release of Squish Coco 4.2! The new version of the code coverage tool introduces Code Complexity Metrics And Unifies Cross-platform Code Analysis.
Dmitry Pavlov A Vital Guide to Qmake
Qmake is a build system tool shipped with the Qt library that simplifies the build process across different platforms.
In this guide, Andrei Smirnov describes the most useful qmake features and provides real-world examples for each of them.
#CPlusPlus #Qmake #Qt #CPP
Andreas Reischuck Usergroup Dresden Juni Talk
Today's IT world is polyglot. Every domain, be it methodologies or disciplines of science, industry or culture, has their own programming language at heart where most of the knowledge and progress is made persistent. As time goes by, preferences change, but the expertise should be retained at minimal cost. This talk discusses techniques to build such a bridge between python and C++. I'll present my experiences in an open-source project and try to explore the technical details behind the scenes. I'll finish the presentation with a live demo if time allows.

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