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Timothy Riley Lithium Prevent contains runaway lithium battery events.
PyroPhobic Systems Ltd. is a material science company with unique, proprietary intumescent, fire resistant, thermoplastic technologies that are injection molded to form fire resistant battery pack components that contain the spread of runaway lithium batteries. Lithium Prevent™ is evaluated by NASA and determined to be effective at containing cascading lithium battery fires.
PyroPhobic System Ltd.’s Lithium Prevent™ has been evaluated by DNV-GL Laboratories at the NY BEST laboratory in Rochester, NY. The DNV GL published report titled: Evaluation Guidelines for Advanced Battery Containment Materials, concluded that Lithium Prevent™ in a worst case scenario was e able to contain a lithium ion cobalt battery thermal runaway fire for energy storage systems.
Lithium Prevent™ achieved the “intent of a passive safety system to limit cascading to the larger system”. The lithium battery fire was prevented from cascading through the pack, thereby containing the event within the pack. Lithium Prevent™ “demonstrated significant potential to limit or halt propagation”.


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