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David Langenberger LAST CALL: 3rd Berlin Summer School in NGS Data Analysis
Meet our invited speaker:
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David Langenberger Dr. Langenberger on analyzing Qiagen's QiaSeq DNA Panels using Seamless NGS Software
Our genetic testing software 'Seamless NGS' offers an easy-to-use workflow for the analysis of Qiagen's QiaSeq panels.
Before mapping the reads, the common sequence and the UMIs are clipped away. After mapping, the UMIs sequences are properly used to correct for PCR clones and the single amplicon primer is clipped away to ensure correct and unbiased variant calling. The workflow was developed, tested and validated together with a trustworthy pathological laboratory at one of the oldest university hospitals in Germany. Having long-lasting experience in that field, together with ecSeq, we were able to get the most out of the QiaSeq panel.
If you are interested in our solution, please check and/or write us a short email ( to make an appointment for a personal live demo (online).
David Langenberger Conversations with Bioinnovators series
Dr. Christian Otto on NGS-based research, empowering medical professionals through user-friendly software, and achieving work-life balance
Michael Pfaffl #GQ2019 Event is Ethical MedTech compliant
qPCR dPCR & NGS 2019
Symposium & Industrial Exhibition & Application Workshops
#GQ2019 Event is Ethical MedTech compliant
Main topics #Biomarkers #LiquidBiopsy #MultiOmics #MicroGenomics #GeneExpression
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