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HEAD OF SALES, for DACH, Germany, European region


You will sell one of the best Search SaaS solutions on the market.


- Get to the company at the earlier stage of growth and expansion

- Your team can crush the European market as we are opening multiple countries in 2022. Great opportunity to generate a huge pipeline.

- Sell one of the top-rated e-commerce search solution on the market (G2, Gartner); 2020 E-commerce Germany Awards – Best Analytics Tool

- Dynamic start-up, a team of ~30 people in a trending SaaS business

What we expect

- Sales Leader, who has over 5 years of experience in managing and leading a sales team, mainly Sales Reps, SDRs, and Partner Managers in the SaaS business.

- Record of meeting or exceeding sales quotas as team leader

- Experience in negotiation and closing deals in a complex tech environment

- Knowledge of how to leverage sales/ marketing tools to scale business (e.g. Outreach, Salesloft, Hubspot, Linkedin)

- Passion and drive to be part of a growing team that makes a difference in E-commerce

- Outstanding communication skills

- Knowledge of online / digital marketing technologies is an advantage

- Experience in partner / channel management is an advantage

- Excellent written and spoken English

Your goals

- Managing the sales team to hit the team revenue targets (>100% year-over-year ARR growth)

- Implementing effective selling strategies to increase sales win rates

- Working closely with the CRO, providing regular forecast updates as well as information from the “field”.

- Building and extending the sales team at Luigi’s Box, hiring the right talent

- Developing a Luigi’s Box expertise platform within the sales team

- Responsible for developing and executing different types of partnerships

How to apply

Does this position resonate with your passion for sales in the SaaS business?

Send your CV or LinkedIn profile to

About Luigi's Box

Luigi’s Box is a Slovak, award-winning SaaS company that provides an intuitive search tool, analytics, and product recommendations, especially in the e-commerce sector

Luigi’s Box increases e-commerce sales & conversions through a better search & product discovery experience

We strive to constantly improve our products. In addition to search and analytics, we use artificial intelligence, autocomplete, recommendations, and dozens of other features

Luigi’s Box provides visitors of the e-shops with the best shopping experience possible while giving our clients complete control and data for resourceful business decisions

Luigi’s Box reviews:

Webinar coming / 31/5/2022, 10:00

Practical examples of UX principles – how to set up your shopping cart, purchase process, product detail, site search, and recommendations.

About this event

Hundreds of e-shops have passed through Luigi's Box in recent years. Some of them had very nicely tuned UX, but many were losing customers because of silly mistakes. And you don't want to repeat them. We prepared this free webinar for you. It will open your eyes and teach you to increase the turnover of your e-shop using simple tricks.

Webinar topics:

- basic UX principles for an e-shop

- what should UX look like for shopping cart and shopping process

- how to design an ideal product detail

- how search can affect user behavior

- why facet filters are important in search results and how they work

- how to display and where to place recommender boxes so they bring results

…and a million other topics that will interest you

We’re looking forward to seeing you,

CEO Gejza Nagy & Luigi's Box team

Gemeinsam mit den Review-Management Experten von gominga haben wir uns in den letzten Monaten intensiv mit der Entwicklung der Marktplätze, den Dienstleistern rund um die Marktplatzwelt und den Erfolgsfaktoren für ein profitables Marktplatz-Business beschäftigt.

Das Ergebnis kann sich sehen lassen: Über 100 Seiten an Wissen, spannenden Expertenbeiträgen und Best-Practices von Markenherstellern!

Viel Spaß beim Lesen und wir freuen uns über Feedback!

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