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Munich English Club

Munich English Club - This is where Munich's English-speaking community meets up!

Lena Kiefer Invitation Munich MBA Conference
Have you ever thought about doing an MBA to accelerate your career? This is your chance to meet many of the world's best business schools in one place…. MUNICH!
Get invited to one-on-one or small group meetings with Harvard, INSEAD, Cambridge, London Business School, Columbia, ESADE, IE, Kellogg, Chicago, Yale and more...
When/where? 11 September from 5pm at the Holiday Inn Munich City Center.
More information and free sign up at
Lena Kiefer
The MBA Tour will be coming to Munich again on September 15th 2018, stay tuned!
Stuart Lawton Hospitality consulting - Hospitalent
Hello Hospitality Professionals!
for accuracy and driving more sales in your hospitality venues this Summer 2018! Refresh, Rethink and Relaunch your business concept! Plan for the future, change those sales!
First consultation is free!
Contact us at:
Kâmi Barut-Wanayo Munich Sitters: Finding competent babysitters and au pairs online
Munich Sitters is a multilingual web platform (English, German, French) designed to help parents connect with babysitters / au pairs in Munich.
The platform is 100% free for babysitters and au-pairs
Annika Herrmann Interesting research project in personnel selection!
When looking at the results of eye-tracking studies in the context of personnel selection, one can easily get the creeps.
The curriculum vitae contains a lot of information, but on average a recruiter only screens it for about 6 seconds. But what exactly do HR professionals look for when they assess an applicant?
In our current research project in the field of work psychology at Linnaeus University in Sweden we address the question of how HR decision makers judge candidates. To obtain meaningful results, we are now looking for volunteers - participants with, but also without experience in the selection of applicants are welcome to participate. Since we plan to publish the results internationally, we conduct this study in English, but it is easy to understand. Promised!
You can access the experiment through the following link:
It does not take much time (15 minutes) and immediately places 100 points on your karma account.
If you are interested, we would like to share the results with you. Please send us an email ( or connect with me via Xing right here, so that I can send you the publication.
Mark Summers
One GREAT resource on the topic of job hunting is a piece titled The Hatchet Man's Playbook. Can't recommend it highly enough.


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