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Die Plattform zum Austausch für alles um das Thema Native Advertising.

Uros Koncar Technology is the backbone of iPROM, leading provider of integrated solutions for advertising in digital media
We provide advanced technology and highly flexible regional advertising infrastructure that is the result of 20 years of intensive development. Our technology solution, iPROM Cloud platform, is integrated with the local, regional and global digital ecosystems and allows you to purchase digital ad space in real time, anywhere and anytime.
It is based on programmatic buying and provides a centralized platform that integrates media buying technology, targeting, analytics, optimization and reporting on digital media advertising campaigns. In addition to automating and simplifying the trading processes within digital media, the unique benefit of this platform is its ability to connect to the global digital ecosystem.
This means that it provides with a unified location to manage, monitor and optimize digital campaigns in Slovenian and global digital media and across all major global ad space exchanges. This process of media buying means that personalized messages are dynamically shown to the right target audience at the right time in the right place and on the right device, allowing advertisers to maximize the return of their investment in the digital media.
For more information please contact:
Uros Koncar
Project Manager
M: +386 30 769 370
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Coskun Tuna Unser Native Advertising Buch ist endlich auf dem Markt
Neben der Arbeit ein Buch zu fertigen ist nicht so leicht, wie wir anfangs dachten. Endlich sind wir fertig. Das Ziel war es unser Know how als Pionier im Native Advertising kompakt zusammenzufassen.
Anna Oelsner "Wer nicht kennzeichnet, macht kein Native Advertising."
Das sind die Dos und Don'ts bei Native Advertising! Coskun Tuna, Geschäftsführer des Native Advertising Vermarkters und Entwicklers Seeding Alliance, im Gespräch.