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Suresh Raja I want to share my unique idea
Dear All,
I am going to speak about Netnography Research, Data collection part - collecting data from on-line communities like discussion boards, blogs and social networks.
We uses deep linguistic parsing, statistical natural language processing, and machine learning to analyse your content, extracting semantic meta-data: information about people, places, companies, topics, languages, and more.
Short note about Platform overview.
A single unified platform for all content types (consolidate to reduce development and maintenance costs)
Flexible system which can support any new content type
High automation (cut configuration costs)
Real time coverage or as close as possible for each content type unique
Some of our challenges
Supporting many different types of content
Automatically “understanding” millions of sites with different structures
Over 6000 message boards
Over 90 million blogs
Handling large quantities of data
Over 2 million new messages per day
Over 1 million new blog posts per day
Supporting data in different languages
Please visit our blog to view our samples and share you valuable feedbacks.
We are pleasure to share some more samples, If you need from your input.


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