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Nur für XING Mitglieder sichtbar 10,000 Acts of Kindness to Honor Those Killed on 9-11 - and Pay It Forward
Please be a part of an amazing project to honor those who died on 9/11 - especially those firemen, policemen, and just ordinary citizens who gave their lives in attempts to rescue others.
Below are two (2) links to two short YouTube videos which explain the project “10,000 Acts of Kindness for 9/11”.
The first features Kevin Tuerff, co-founder of EnviroMedia – a Social Media company - who was one of 7,000 passengers on 39 different inter-continental airline flights who on 9/11 were each diverted from their normal destination and re-routed to Gander, Newfoundland in Canada when access to U.S. air space was closed.
The citizens of Gander and other nearby towns opened up their homes and their hearts – providing food, shelter and clothing – to total strangers.
The second video features Catherine Ryan Hyde – author of the book, “Pay It Forward” on which the movie classic was based, and founder of “The Pay It Forward Foundation” and movement. Catherine is encouraging each one of us to simply do a simple act of kindness for someone between now and 9/12 and watch how the world can be changed if everyone does that.
As a way to honor and celebrate the lives of those who died, EnviroMedia has teamed up with the Pay It Forward Foundation to inspire people across the world to do 10,000 acts of kindness and good deeds between now and September 12.
During that period for every ‘tweet’ (go to and click on ‘tweet’) between now and September 12, EnviroMedia will donate $1.00 to the Pay It Forward Foundation up to $10,000.
Please do your part and simply do a good deed for someone over the next few days and ‘tweet’ what you did – hopefully also inspiring the person you helped to ‘pay it forward’ and do the same for someone else.
Kevin’s more complete story is shown below the two links.
Bob Littell, Chief NetWeaver and President, Pay It Forward Foundation and
Uploaded by EnviroMediaTV on Aug 23, 2011
To honor the victims and survivors of the September 11 attacks, Pay-It-Forward-9/11 is encouraging 10,000 surprise good deeds.
Leading up to the 10th anniversary of September 11, people are asked to help a stranger and share their stories through social media. EnviroMedia Social Marketing will donate $1 to the Pay It Forward Foundation for every new Twitter follower of @PIFFoundation.
EnviroMedia co-founder Kevin Tuerff started Pay-It-Forward-9/11 after experiencing life-changing kindness in Gander, Newfoundland, on September 11, 2001. Tuerff returns to Gander Sept. 9 to launch the "10,000 Acts of Kindness for 9/11" effort.
Tuerff was stranded in the small Canadian town after 38 jumbo-jets unexpectedly landed there on September 11, 2001 when U.S. airspace closed due to the terrorist attacks.
Tuerff and fellow passengers sat onboard for 10 hours without knowing the extent of the attacks. When finally let off the plane, 7,000 stranded passengers had no access to their luggage, no food and no place to stay.
"The 10,000 people of Gander mobilized to take care of us," said Tuerff. "My temporary home was a community college classroom, where I slept on the floor. Newfoundlanders fed us and drove me to buy fresh clothes. They were lifelines, helping us connect to what was happening at home."
Six days later, Tuerff made it home to Texas. To honor Gander's kindness, each year on Sept. 11 Tuerff gives pairs of employees at EnviroMedia $100 and time off to perform good deeds for strangers. Over the last nine years, Pay-It-Forward-9/11 has spread across the country.
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Nigel Stonham daily PIF ... stu/nick
ok, lets try for 30 days to make one valuable connection ( at least ) between us each day.
I will start, i am going to pass nick pagan on to stu jolley to see if they can work together to make a demo soundtrack/movie of nicks latest songs....
ps, thanks Karin for the inspiration for this. you sent me a creative impulse!
Nigel Stonham
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Nigel Stonham
Re^10: daily PIF ... Esther-Marie to Petronilla
i try amit !! mind you , i still owe you a big thank you for one of the connections you gave me :-)
Nigel Stonham passing it forward.....
seen on a friends fbook page -
"I am passing this forward -- "You just need to hear it ... you are a
phenomenal woman, a beautiful person, doing an extraordinary job,
making things happen for those you love ... and although you might not
always feel it, you are loved and appreciated. ♥ Post this on the walls
of 7 women who deserve to be noticed." Hallo P...etra, ich hab das heut von einer lb. Künstlerfreundin bekommen und möcht das gern an Dich weiterleiten...Wünsch Dir ein wunderschönes, sonniges WE...Lb Grüsse Petronilla :)
Nigel Stonham an ambassador of love ...
an ambassador of love ...
Dear Netweavers,
interesting reading I hope you agree, and a message worth spreading. if you can help to do so in any way, I would be grateful.
please drop me a line with any ideas you can think of to help Petronilla andI take this message forward...