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Elena Hüls Conference program is finally online | Register now for the DevOps Gathering 2019 - Tickets are limited!
Dear DevOps-Friends and Container Technology Enthusiasts!
We announce happily that the conference program for the next years DevOps Gathering 2019 is now finally online!
Check out the latest program updates, hand-on workshops and amazing conference talks:
* Fullday-Workshop: Container Security by Rachid Zarouali (Freelancer & Docker Captain)
* Fullday-Workshop: Making Resilient, Self-Adaptive, and Autonomous Kubernetes Clusters by Viktor Farcic (Docker Captain & CloudBees)
* Halfday-Workshop: Container as a Service at the Azure-Cloud by Rainer Stropek (software architects & IT Visions)
* Halfday-Workshop: Kubernetes 101 by Niclas Mietz (bee42 solutions)
* Halfday-Workshop: Kubernetes on Amazon EKS by Sascha Möllering (Amazon Web Services)
* Halfday-Workshop: Kubernetes Advanced by Tobias Bradtke (GiantSwarm)
* Halfday-Workshop: New Work Academy: agile working – an interactive introduction
by Benjamin Godbersen and Henriette Wienges (new work academy)
CONFERENCE TALKS (March 12 - 13, 2019)
* DevOps - It’s all about the Experiments by Konstantin Diener (cosee)
* What the heck is Software Craftsmanship? by Sandra Parsick (Freelancer) & Benjamin Nothdurft (codecentric)
* Kubernetes for Non-Coders by Bill Mulligan (Loodse)
* Helm: Build fashionable Container Systems with Kubernetes by Peter Rossbach (bee42 solutions)
* Kubernetes on AWS with Amazon EKS by Sascha Möllering (Amazon Web Services)
* Traefik as an Ingress Controller for Kubernetes by Manuel Zapf (codecentric)
* Go as a Tooling Language for the Cloud by Jannis Schäfer (cosee)
* More Containers for (Model) Railways! by Dirk Weil (Gedoplan)
* SRE, DevOps, Google and You by Björn Rabenstein (SoundCloud)
* C4 - Continuous Culture Change Challenges by Mario Kleinsasser & Alexander Ortner (STRABAG)
* Ensuring Kubernetes Cost Efficiency across (many) Clusters by Henning Jacobs (Zalando)
* Kubernetes Operators by Roland Huss (RedHat)
* Delivering Cloud Native Apps with Kubernetes on Azure by Dennis Zielke (Microsoft)
* DevOps Stories on Adopting the Mindset by Busra Koken (trivago)
Check our website for further details and information:
See you soon!

the DOG19 conference crew