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Netzwerk und Unterstützung für deine #datacareer. Vom Einstieg bis zum Senior Level: Veranstaltungen, Tipps und Ticks beim Bewerben, aktives Netzwerken, CV check, Kompetenzprofil und mehr.

The latest in the series. Superb mid-level computer vision competency profile. How do you move from having a job to building your career?


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Show your expertise, get peer recognition, and advance AI adoption.

Accreditation is the AI Guild action and process of recognizing a data professional as qualified to perform their profession to the highest quality standards.


#datacareer #aiguild #datalift

Here is the example of a Machine Learning engineer.

She has an industrial engineering background and substantial prior programming experience. After completing a Data Science Master mid-career, she has been in the industry for three years, at a corporate subsidiary and a startup.


The competency profile validates your domain expertise in data. It recognizes you as a Senior practitioner or advances your career to the Senior level.

By practitioners, for practitioners - this service is provided by AI Guild members recognized for their expertise.

Here is the example of a Deep Learning engineer.

She has been in the industry for three years, with prior programming experience based on academic research and project work. She is at a startup, and computer vision technologies drive product development and deployment.


Finding a 1st or 2nd role can be straightforward, or it may be a bit of a struggle. Getting more interviews: It helps if you know what you are looking for and how to convey what you have to offer convincingly.

Based on prior work with 100+ practitioners on their CV and professional mission, the AI Guild guides writing a #datacareer CV for impact with hiring managers and companies.