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Toni Menzel
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Dear all,

I would like to make you aware that the OSGi specification work will continue at the Eclipse Foundation. For this we created an OSGi Working Group. You can find more information about the transition in this blog post: https://blog.osgi.org/2020/10/announcement-of-transition-to-eclipse.html

Should you be interested in participating in the working group feel free to contact me.



The Apache Felix implemenation of the OSGi ConfigurationAdmin specification contains a nice feature for convenient handling of Configuration Plugins. Sometimes you can run into problem with start ordering:


Watch out our blog/tutorial for the Gecko.io Runtime Exporter to bring you OSGi application quickly into docker or you production environment. This exporter provides more than just a fat jar.


Hi all!

Ich habe Interesse an einer Zertifizierung für OSGI , gibt es entsprechende Lernangebote und zwar mit einem Zertifikat?

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Herr Barthel, schaue richtig aus und gibt es Trainings oder Online Vorbereitungskurse für OSGI Zertifizierung?