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Die Xing-Gruppe Outsourcing Network - BPO, ITO, SSC ist das offene Netzwerk des Deutschen Outsourcing Verbandes e.V.

The ICT sector has shown exponential annual growth rates in the period between 2000 and 2015 with over 21% gross value addition (GVA) for Rwanda’s economy. In comparison, other major sectors, like agriculture, services and industry showed an annual GVA growth rate for the same period of only 5 – 8%.

The goal of the government to develop Rwanda into a major digital HUB in Africa seems, measured on the activities and frameworks in place, realistic, however the sector still faces many challenges, especially when compared to other African countries. For instance, Rwanda still has a lot to do in the development of digital skills, where South Africa is leading the benchmark and Rwanda is ranked far away.

Read more: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/rwanda-can-major-digital-hub-africa-brigitta-bihari/?published=t

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Ausführliche Informationen über die IT-Branche in Polen, sowie Investitionsanreize, die das Land bietet. In dem neusten Video können Sie mehr über das Potenzial von Polen als Near-Shoring-Lokation.

Sprecherin: Anna Polanska, Expertin im Ausländischen Handelsbüro in Frankfurt am Main, PITA- Polish Investment and Trade Agency

Please block your calendar for our webinar.

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dies ist das offene Netzwerk des Deutschen Outsourcing Verbandes (www.outsourcing-verband.org). Sie finden hier:
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this is the open network of the German Outsourcing Association (www.outsourcing-verband.org/en. You can find here:

  • Information about our (mostly non-commercial) activities
  • Market information
  • Information about publications and events for the German ITO/BPO/SSC industry
  • Contacts to media, events, consultants, vendors and buyers
  • Information to co-operation opportunities e.g. with studies, publications, events etc.

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