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PHP & MYSQL Programmers

This group is for experts in php and mysql programming with a very sound knowledge in OOP and MVC platforms

Ravi Iyer Learn to Build a Website with our Object Oriented Programming Course for Free
Object-oriented programming is based around objects rather than actions, which means the developer manipulates the object itself, rather than the logic required to manipulate them. In this sense, items that are similar or require constantly calling would be clubbed as one object, which would further have classes and sub classes. So, if the developer wants to modify or call all of the items under this object, instead of doing it individually and constantly repeating the code, he would only need to modify the main object and with it all the items clubbed under it would also be modified. Make sense now?
Although originally shying away from it, PHP finally embraced OOP in 2004, with the release of PHP5. PHP, being a server-side programming language, is already very intimidating without the help of OOP and this is why this course was specifically designed. The course objective is to break down PHP coding basics, how it works with OOP and slowly takes you on the journey to becoming a master PHP programmer.
Aline Vasconcelos SW Mobile Development / Brasilien
Hallo Gruppe,
Wir suchen Profis, die mit SW Mobile Development arbeiten. Die Stelle ist für Manaus / Brasilien für die Firma SIDIA - Samsung Institut für die Entwicklung der Informatik des Amazonas.
Wenn jemand interessiert ist, kontaktieren Sie mich bitte auf meinem Profil hier bei Xing.
Aline Vasconcelos


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