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This is Ahmet from ANNA shoes & Bag .
I am in great honor to contact you for potential cooperation opportunities.
My company is ANNA shoes and Bag, which is a specialized women shoes manufacturer in TURKEY with more than 16 years experience.
We are promoting a type of women shoes and bag, which you may get some interest in.
As well,we have other large range of shoes and bag products if you need more supports.
Please first study our company and products and if you don’t mind, I will send it at next Email.
If any product you interest in,please contact me.
I am very happy and honored to share more information.
Thanks again.
Best Regards
Nicolai Troost Der Schuh aus Mexico, ein neue Sommertrend?
"CANO’s vision is to unite the three pillars of fashion - uniqueness, style and quality. We are unique. All our designs are custom and unique from any product available on the market. We have style. Every product that we make has one single purpose - to complete your look. It is the result of the creativity of our designers and the handcraft of our artisans, which allows you to combine our shoes to almost any kind of clothing. We offer quality. All our products are made out of the most carefully sourced materials and are finished by the best artisans Mexico has to offer.​"


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