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Diese Gruppe tauscht sich zur gesamten Microsoft Power BI Plattform aus. Wir pflegen das entspannte "Du". Wir freuen uns Dich :-)

Anett Horváth Process Mining mit Power BI
Mit PAFnow kannst Du Geschäftsprozesse von Deinem Arbeitsplatz aus schon heute verbessern. Analyse, Einblicke, Monitoring und gezielte Maßnahmen - in Deinem O365-Workplace! Lerne Process Mining in Microsoft Power BI kennen und melde Dich für unser kommendes Webinar an! Perfekt geeignet für Power BI-Anwender, die Lust auf bessere Prozesse haben. Anmelden könnt Ihr unter
Nur für XING Mitglieder sichtbar Why professional advice even in small #PowerBI Projects is important…
Since August 2018 I was hired or involved in at least 4 completely different Power BI projects at different customers with fairly different Architectures and Data Sources. Some of them I did with @b.telligent which are a Microsoft Gold Partner and therefore qualified as well. And of course different requirements in this projects regarding everything. This shows how broad (Architecture) the usage of Power BI can be. But what all of them had in common is, they are all started by Business or IT guys which just learned Power BI recently. Most of them with some very good background in Excel (Business) or just relational Databases (IT). Both did a great Job but 3 out of 4 Projects sooner or later got still in troubles. There was no Data Strategy, no Data management concepts, no reporting concepts, even in Enterprise BI scenarios. That’s where I stepped in and analysed as usual the different situations. The findings from this short period are:
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Sylvia Singh kostenfreier Tableau Workshop zum Kennenlernen in Hamburg
Uwe Mester Changing Power BI Import-Models to SSAS Live-Connections
You want to upsize your imported Power BI Desktop-Models to a SSAS-Backend using Live Connections? Take 4 minutes of your time for this little tip and save hours in the future…
Maria Dilling Senior Consultant für IT Beratung MS BI (m/w/x) Deutschlandweit
Happy Friday! I'm searching candidates for the following job: Senior Consultant für IT Beratung im MS Business Intelligence-Deutschlandweit(m/w/x)
Contact me at or +4930 30 80 8880


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