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Prävention, Gesundheitsförderung & Public Health: Politik, Management, Forschung

Bereits seit 2006 wird in der Gruppe "Public Health" in verschiedenen Foren spannendes Wissen ausgetauscht, diskutiert und inspiriert.

Rahul AGRAWAL Bio-Hacking: In der seltsamen neuen Welt der Kellerhacker-Healthcare 2018
Get a Overview of the Biohacking Industry here
Biohacking refers to managing one's own biology using a combination of medical, nutritional and electronic techniques. Biohackers are people who perform lab experiments to explore new possibilities of biotechnology, molecular biology, genetic engineering and many other aspects of biology. They undertake number of various experimentation on the body, for instance, inserting microchips to control stress level or monitor heart rate.
Microchip is a unit of packaged computer circuitry, manufactured from a material such as silicon. They are made of microprocessors and for computer memory and are also used for various purposes such as such as analog-to-digital conversion, bit slicing, and gateways. Implanting microchips into the human body can transform number of daily activities a person does. The size these microchips is as small as a rice grain that can be easily implanted under the skin. Most of the bio hackers get these implanted into their skin which makes their tasks easier than ever before. For instance, opening a security lock or door.
Bio hackers have developed number of products exploring the body and mind, which will benefit the mankind. Some of the revolutionary products are microchips, smart drugs, magnetic fingertips, RFID implants, brain sensors, bacterial and yeast strains, health tracker, body sensors, smart blood pressure monitor and many others.
The global biohacking market is mainly driven by rising awareness about biohacking, increasing prevalence of chronic diseases, and extensive demand smart devices and drugs across the globe. Furthermore, presence of prominent market players also influences the growth of the market. However, the market growth of the market is restrained by lack of cyber security practices.
The global biohacking market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 19.42% during the forecast period.
Volkmar Wille Sensors to Smartphones Bring Patent Wars to Diabetes Monitoring
Fortune and other diabetics are benefiting from an explosion in technology and innovation, from under-the-skin sensors that eliminate the need for painful finger pricks, to smartphone alerts when glucose levels rise too high. But the technology, and its integration with mobile devices, has brought the types of lawsuits typically seen by Silicon Valley companies.
For glucose monitors alone, the number of published patent applications has grown steadily for a decade and has accelerated significantly since 2015, according to an analysis by the research firm Patinformatics. More than 880 patent applications related to glucose monitoring have been published so far this year, said Tony Trippe, managing director of the Dublin, Ohio-based company.
Nur für XING Mitglieder sichtbar Medical Advisor (Kovaltry and pipeline products) (m/w) in Leverkusen gesucht von BAYER AG
Bayer ist ein weltweit tätiges Unternehmen mit Kernkompetenzen auf den Life-Science-Gebieten Gesundheit und Agrarwirtschaft. Als Innovations-Unternehmen setzt Bayer Zeichen in forschungsintensiven Bereichen. IHRE AUFGABEN UND VERANTWORTLICHKEITEN: Wissenschaftliche Kenntnisse: Bereitstellung von medizinisch-wissenschaftlicher Expertise; Beitrag und Mitentwicklung von lokalen produktmedizinischen Strategie...
Nur für XING Mitglieder sichtbar BIOGENA sucht Mikronährstoffberater/in mit & ohne Führungsverantwortung
Wir von Biogena schreiben Gesundheit und Lebensqualität ganz groß. Und wo sollte man beides besser leben können als in Deutschlands Hauptstadt, der Weltstadt der Kultur. Für unseren ersten Biogena Store in BERLIN suchen wir deshalb gesundheitsinteressierte und engagierte Menschen, die unsere Wohlfühl-Mission teilen, weitertragen und unterstützen. Was es hier zu tun gibt: Beratung der Kunden über Eigenschaften, Verwendungsmöglichkeiten sowie Qualitätskriterien der Pro...


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