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Product Tank Hamburg

Join our growing community of product people in and around Hamburg! This group will be informed first about upcoming ProductTank events.

Iulia Porneala Join an info session on Product Management Executive Programme by INSEAD and PMF
Today we're organising an info session on the upcoming Product Management Executive Programme from INSEAD and PMF. If you have questions about this 1 week programme dedicated to senior product managers who want to sharpen their leadership skills and want to watch just join us here:
Tim Herbig Product Tank Hamburg X-Mas Edition 2017
We're happy to invite all of you to the last Product Tank Hamburg in 2017. This time, the fabolous eSailors will host us and provide food and drinks while we're listening to insights on how to vitalize your product vision.
Our speakers are Christoph Richter & Christian Schlüter from XING.
Arne Kittler Global Product Tank Survey - please participate!
Dear Product Tank Hamburg community,
ProductTank is a global thing!
When we started ProductTank Hamburg we were the 16th (?) city in the world to hold this meetup by product people for product people. Meanwhile Product Tank is taking place in over 125 cities around the world.
As a global group we're working to make your experience at our events better in 2018 and we'd like to hear from you.
If you’re interested in helping our team create better events for you, please take 3 minutes to fill out this survey , so we can learn a bit more about your current experience and do better next year.
Speaking from a Hamburg perspective we would also be very happy to see a strong "Hamburg voice" in the global survey. "Wir packen Hamburg auf die Karte" und so ;O)
To show our appreciation for your time, participants who fill out the survey enter a prize draw for a chance to win a $100 Amazon gift card.
Thank you for your time!
Marc, Tim & Arne


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