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Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic Advertising ist derzeit in aller Munde und nimmer vermehrt Einzug in Google Search und Shopping.

Vignesh Shaha Automated Guaranteed is The Gift That Keeps Giving
The biggest challenge for publishers in Q4 is finding dollars that haven’t already been allocated to upfront partnerships and, as the year comes to a close and holiday spend increases, processing as many incremental orders as possible. To be successful you need to have strong relationships with your buyers and be able to process orders as quickly and efficiently as possible. That blend of collaborating directly with your premium clients while also reducing human error and improving operational efficiency is best served through programmatic guaranteed (PG).
PG has experienced a resurgence in the last year. As industry demand for faster, safer and cleaner ad buying has increased, automation technology has become more sophisticated and suitable to both buyer and seller needs. Not only is it 96 percent safer than programmatic, according to the 2018 IAS Media Quality Report, but it’s proven to be a quicker way to process guaranteed orders on premium products and inventory. For buyers looking to layer on their first-party data, it’s a great way to keep campaigns out of PMPs (or worse, an open auction) and maintain rate card pricing. Publishers can minimize potential human error and quicken time to launch through the automation, while also maintaining control of which ads are running on their sites during the busiest time of the year.


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