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Panos ANTONAKOPOULOS HELLO from Panos - a new member!
Dear Moderator, dear members!!
Books in the digital world!??? This is a real quest. However we (I hope) share the love and respect for books - these items which contain ideas information art and wisdom in a decorative and useful binding.
I would welcome contacts with you all,
My best regards
Panos Antonakopoulos
Michael Pichler - Fascinating world of the Middle Ages
Skriptorium provides a global overview of the finest and most significant facsimile editions. Academically commented facsimile editions today enable us to rediscover the most valuable manuscripts. These academic annotations are not only destined for use by research but also for collectors and connoisseurs who wish to access both texts and pictures of the individual manuscripts. You would like to know how a facsimile edition is made? Then read our article What is a facsimile?
Our facsimile library ranges from antiquity, with the Vergilius Vaticanus, to Romanesque (Bestiarium) and Gothic (Wenzelsbibel) and down to Italian book painting of the Gothic and Renaissance periods (Farnese Hours) and on to the manuscripts of the late Flemish masters (The Black Hours). It covers Insular illumination, with the Book of Kells, as well as Carolingian (Dagulf-Psalter) and Ottonian book painting, with the Bamberg Apocalypse.
We may also help you to find a copy of out of print facsimile editions. Find out more about our search service under Facsimile out of print?
In the Replica section we invite you to get to know other aspects of medieval life. You may for example chose from a wide range of armoury parts, swords and complete armours. You can even put together your own real suit of armour for yourself.
Moreover, you will find replicas of medieval jewellery. The jewellery does not only look authentic, it is also hand-made using the traditional and very labour intensive historic methods.
In our Bibliophilic Works section, Skriptorium presents Masterpieces of world literature as well as indispensable Reference works and interesting books on History and Art.
We have numerous works on medieval Book Illumination on offer. Whether in the form of miniatures, drolleries or initial decoration, these miniature works of art provide interesting insights into the colourful world of the Middle Ages.
You wish to set up your personal scriptorium in your own home or office? Skriptorium offers exclusive presents for every lover of the arts of calligraphy and the written word. Fine wines from the best wine-growing areas of Austria are also to be found in the treasure chest.
Click Novelties for a quick overview of new products in our programme.
The Theme section informs you on exhibitions and events around the theme of the Middle Ages and contains interesting articles on many aspects of our wide-ranging programme.
Use our Guestbook for a discussion with friends of medieval book painting all over the world. Tell us what you think about our products and let us know your ideas on future programme items to come. We look forward to reading your comments!
If you wish to order a book that is not to be found on our homepage, please contact us. We shall gladly try to fulfil any wish you may have.
Now plunge with us into the fascinating world of the Middle Ages!
Jomie Leung Poem Was Born In Hong Kong
Poem Was Born In Hong Kong will be released in the major book stores in August and also featured in Hong Kong hottest new expat magazine - Art travel and life July, 2007 edition which is also producing and on-line version which will be connected up to web rings like Yagit which are picked up everywhere.
Poem Was Born In Hong Kong is essential to keep up to date with our true feelings. This fresh new Complete Works combines poems and art with elegant design and insights into how Poem Was Born In Hong Kong's performed. Poem Was Born In Hong Kong is the first English edition as collectible book of poetry by a fine Hong Kong born female poet.
You may buy this collectible book of poetry at Dymocks Stores (Hong Kong) in August.
If you are interested in buying this collectible book of poetry, please email on to order.


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