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Aliakbar Salehi Grid Table
Today I have wrote first design of my grid table.
I have tried to write a table which you can choose visible columns.
It was written only by Html and css without any script.
I will try to create a react grid table based on this Pen in next days.
Please send me your comments or your suggestions to improve it.
Click on this link to see it on codepen. To choose visible columns click on menu button on top of table.
Vladislav Pshenychka Angular 5 vs React.JS. What to choose in 2018?
It seems that Angular 5, which release was announced in November, 2017, is going to have a pretty impressive advantage if compare to Angular 4. Okay, but everyone knows that React.js is one of the main competitor libraries of Angular. So in our article, we're going to discuss the question of what Angular and React are differing with and decide which one is better to choose for client's project. Keep reading the post below!
Tobias Hauck
I don't agree with the conclusion at all:
"if you need the most efficient way to organize (and boost) the workflow of your frontend developers’ team, the Angular 5 would be your perfect solution"
I think the core point to discuss is the one-way / two-way data binding which is the biggest difference between apps built with Angular and apps built around the rendering engine React. Two-way data-binding needs more boilerplate and has more complexity by definition. So by using two-way data-binding you have already chosen to write more code and to add more complexity to your app - no matter what else you are going to do.
So how is software development boosted if you have more complexity and more boilerplate code? If you just think about it from a mathematical perspective you'll have an exponential growing graph with the two way binding (regarding complexity) and a linear growing one with one way binding. So how should I be able to boost if I have an exponential growing complexity and how should this be better organized?
What you wanted to say is:
If you want to create apps that have a closed set of features and you just want to get started, then Angular may be the better choice, because it has a lot of already built in features that you can just use as they are. You have a stronger acceleration at the start, but loose speed the longer you are developing. So if you are in a hurry and don't care about the future your choice may be Angular, but if you want hold development speed even in years, then you must use React, there's no other way.
It's a strategical decision which one to choose. Both strategies make sense in a specific context. Faster market entry? Angular. Sustainability? React.
Melanie Hüttner Die Beliebtheit von React - ein Bericht
Tobias Hauck
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Aliakbar Salehi Collapsible Circular Menu (The power of CSS3 create component with less code)
Nowadays you can create amazing beautiful handy component with animation without JavaScript.
I have created a Collapsible Circular Menu by HTML & CSS3(scss) without JavaScript. a useful component for avatar menu in pages.
you can see the react version in this link too:
Ralf Wierling
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Tobias Hauck
I really like the idea, even if it has nothing to do with React. Thanks for sharing!


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