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In the tradition of reboot, Raum Schiff Erde is a congress for algorithmic philosophy, interaction design, and net culture.

Only visible to XING members All Creatures Welcome /free movie
Hello and Happy New Year!
Please take a moment and 86 minutes to watch 'All Creatures Welcome'.
All Creatures Welcome sketches an utopian image of society in the digital era. Accompanied by the appeal to “use hacking as a mindset,” the viewers immerse themselves in a documentary adventure game and explore the world of digital communities at the events held by the Chaos Computer Club; a real-world reflection of the virtual spectrum.
Sandra Trostel's film was crowdfunded and is now available under CC-BY-NC-SA-4.0.
In the spirit of reboot and Raum Schiff Erde, please enjoy_
Only visible to XING members Co-Evolution of Humans and Tools @reboot11
"We should be aware of the fact that we are not just creating our tools but that these artifacts are also shaping us. This is true since the invention of language, writing, the printing press, and more than ever in our digital age of computer and web environments. These are the foundations of culture as such, and it is our responsibility to design in a way that supports our life on this planet.
BTW_ we neither have another life nor another planet."
#ThowbackThursday #reboot11 #2009
Only visible to XING members [GI/ACM Treffen Hamburg 16.5.18] 50 Jahre Odyssee im Innovationsraum
50 Jahre Odyssee im Innovationsraum
Von Engelbart’s »Mother of All Demos« 1968 zur vernetzten Gesellschaft
Alan Kay vergleicht Douglas Engelbart’s Präsentation vom 9. Dezember 1968 mit Moses, der das Wasser teilte; Vint Cerf sieht in Doug hingegen einen Meister Yoda. Das Ereignis ist als »Mother of All Demos« in die Geschichte der Informatik eingegangen. Doch was haben die Ideen und Forschungen von Engelbart ausgelöst? Was ist 50 Jahre danach beim User angekommen? Was ist in Vergessenheit geraten? Untersucht werden die Bedingungen für nachhaltige Innovationen.
Dazu liefert der Vortrag einen exemplarischen Ausschnitt der noch jungen Informatik-Geschichte, die einen Wandel zur weltweit-vernetzten Gesellschaft in Gang gesetzt hat. Es wird hinterfragt, welchen Einfluss und welche damit verbundene Verantwortung den Entwicklern und Designern zukommt und welche Mechanismen es gibt, um sinnvolle Innovationen für den Menschen zu entwickeln.
Only visible to XING members Digital Future 2018 / May-14, 2018 / Berlin
The Digital Future Science Match is an international computer science conference held every spring in Berlin in honour of the invention of the Z3 computer by Konrad Zuse in May 1941. The Digital Future Science Match has a distinguished record in bringing together many speakers with excellent scientific credentials – up to 50 leading academics will be presenting the latest research findings and their visions for a digital future at the conference in keynote speeches and 5-minute short presentations. About 1,000 delegates from science, industry and politics are expected to attend.
A special highlight is the Data Science Expert Lunch on May 14 – apply for a free ticket here and get the conference day on top_
Only visible to XING members Gut erholt statt ausgebrannt? Branchenübergreifende Studie zu Arbeit und Erholung


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