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Irina Schmitt XDi - Weiterbildungen im Frühjahr 2018
Auf in den Frühling - hier sind alle Frühjahrs-Termine auf einen Blick.
UX360° - Certified UX- & Usability Expert
Berlin, 05.-09.03.2018
Hamburg, 12.-16.03.2018
Köln, 19.-23.03.2018
München, 09.-13.04.2018
Frankfurt, 16.-20.04.2018
Zürich, 23.-27.04.2018
+++> zum Seminar:
Certified UX & Usability Specialist
München, 26.-28.02.2018
Stuttgart, 19-21.03.2018
Berlin, 09.-11.04.2018
+++> zum Seminar:
Certified UX & Usability Professional
Köln, 23.-24.04.2018
+++> zum Seminar:
Certified Service Design Thinker
Berlin, 26.-28.02.2018
Wien, 09.-11.04.2018
+++> zum Seminar:
DT360° - Certified Design Thinking Master
München, 05.-09.03.2018
+++> zum Seminar:
Certified Agile Content Strategist
Hamburg, 16.-18.04.2018
+++> zum Seminar:
Certified Digital Designer Deluxe
Berlin, 19.-21.03.2018
Stuttgart, 16.-18.04.2018
+++> zum Seminar:
Customer Value Architect
Mallorca, 27.-29.04.2018
+++> zum Seminar:
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Das XDi-Team
Cherry Edith Free Design Materials - 30 Best Free 404 Error Page Designs Looking for inspiration to create a unique and beautiful 404 error page? Here is a collection of 30 best free 404 error page design works for you to get inspiration. And they all are completely fresh, creative and beautiful.
Do not forget to add your preferable ones to your design diaries after browsing them all carefully!
Eduo Shaun High Quality Fonts & Where to Find Them
As a designer I personally have a list of fonts which I prefer according to the project I'm working on. Fonts not only decide how your content looks but it also defines a subject to them. For example a bold font will give a look that is more of a strong point or heading, and it's more likely that a reader's attraction will be targeted first towards it.
Speaking about fonts, it's usually a professional practice that you know the most of the fonts used popularly and the places where you can get them. Although there are many sites available now where tons of fonts are created & published everyday, yet there are some sites where you can easily find most of the fonts and use them in your own projects.
Here's the list of popular sites for finding great fonts available on the web.
Irina Schmitt XDi – Experience Design-Weiterbildungen, die Spaß machen und weiter bringen
Sie sind Projekt- oder Produkt-Manager, Marketing- oder Content-Manager, Software-oder Frontend-Entwickler, Designer, Berater oder Referent.
Sie oder Ihre Mitarbeiter wollen die Methoden des User Experience Design, Service Design oder Design Thinking kennen lernen, um erfolgreich innovative Produkte, Services und Businesses zu entwickeln.
Dann kommen Sie doch einfach zu uns. In unseren Weiterbildungen vermitteln wir Wissen, Methoden und Techniken um Produkte, Services und Businesses zu konzipieren, die Ihre Kunden haben wollen.
Mehr dazu auf der XDi-Website:
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