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Peter Schröder
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Hello Colleagues, I have perfect fits for your current or future projects - there are a Junior and a Middle Ruby on Rails developers. And they are ready to bring your ideas to life and to implement new features. Text me for more information, please.

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Do you have an amazing product idea but have doubts how it would be better to realise?

Text me and I'll try to find the best web or mobile solution for you and your business based on your needs.

A little bit about skills of our team:

Back-End development - Ruby on Rails

Front-End development - JavaScript, React JS, Angular

Web development - REST, JSON, JS, Bootstrap, jQuery, AJAX, HTML5, SASS

Databases - PostgreSQL, MySQL, Redis, MongoDB, Sqlite

Innovation Feel - let's bring your idea into life together!

Crystal makes it easy for Ruby programmers. Write concurrent Ruby like code with good performance powered by the LLVM backend.

What is your opinion about this programming language ?

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Einige unserer Entwickler haben gerade ihre Projekte beendet und sind für die neuen verfügbar.

Und definitiv kann einer von ihnen für Sie oder Ihre Kunden hilfreich sein.

Schreiben Sie mir, wenn Sie nach erstklassigen Software-Ingenieuren suchen, und lassen Sie uns die beste Lösung für Sie und Ihr Unternehmen basierend auf Ihren Anforderungen besprechen.

Wir sind qualifiziert in:

Backend-Entwicklung (Ruby on Rails)

Front-End-Entwicklung (JavaScript, React JS, Angular)

Webentwicklung (REST, JSON, JS, Bootstrap, jQuery, AJAX, HTML5, SASS)

Datenbanken (PostgreSQL, MySQL, Redis, MongoDB, Sqlite)

Bleib sicher.

Innovation Feel has a team of experienced and certified Ruby on Rails developers (5+ years experience) and a few of them are available now.

The team has experience in areas such as e-health, finance, sports, B2B applications or education platforms.

With a team of Senior engineers and developers - you can count on us for any of your current challenges.

Is there something our dedicated teams can do for you?