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Hey everyone!

I have a free developer now - I will be glad to receive project proposals

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Hello dear colleagues and mates!

Here at Innovation Feel we have one amazing and skilled Ruby on Rails developer and he is waiting for new project.

He is oriented to be the best at what he do and he care about details. He is experienced in using Rails for 3 years and had a plenty number of well-done projects.

DM me if you might need him for your project.

You could take a look at the CV on the link below.

Bugs, issue, defect, there are many names to define the problems you have with software, either during the development phase or when the application is already in production. Bug tracking tools are an integrated part of a software quality and software testing strategy and there are many open source tools available.

Agile Inhouse Entwicklung mit Ruby & hohem Grüne Wiese-Anteil:

I am open to new full stack Ruby on Rails contract.

Ideally fully remote (or max 2-3 days a month onsite)

I have 11 years of RoR experience and 2.5 years of React.