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J. Pablo Fernández


My teammates: 1 junior ruby developer and 1 middle developer (angular) are finishing their current projects. These guys are ready to make your projects better and are waiting for a new challenge. PM me with your requests and offers.

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Hey everyone!

I have a free developer now - I will be glad to receive project proposals

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Hello dear colleagues and mates!

Here at Innovation Feel we have one amazing and skilled Ruby on Rails developer and he is waiting for new project.

He is oriented to be the best at what he do and he care about details. He is experienced in using Rails for 3 years and had a plenty number of well-done projects.

DM me if you might need him for your project.

You could take a look at the CV on the link below.

Innovation Feel company offers services in software development using Ruby on Rails. Our team consists of Senior and Middle developers and always expanding by quality resources to provide best quality of development service.

Text me here and we will find you the best development skill match for your needs!

We are skilled in:

Back-End developmenT: Ruby on Rails

Front-End development: JavaScript, React JS, Angular

Web development: REST, JSON, JS, Bootstrap, jQuery, AJAX, HTML5, SASS

Databases: PostgreSQL, MySQL, Redis, MongoDB, Sqlite

What we can do for you?




Feel free to reach me out here or drop me a line on email

Stay safe!