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Peter K. Thomsen No more Lada's in Denmark // В Дании закрылся единственный дилер «АвтоВАЗа»
В Дании прекратил свою работу единственный дилер «АвтоВАЗа» - компания Lada Danmark A/S из городка Колдинг решила остановить продажи российских автомобилей, передает «Газета.ру». Причина понятна – за последние два года в Дании не было зарегистрировано ни одной (!) новой «Лады». А всего за последние 10 лет дилер «АвтоВАЗа» в Дании смог продать лишь 316 машин.
Peter K. Thomsen UN City' in Copenhagen will put six UN units under one roof
Six different UN sub-organisations are to be brought together under one roof in order to improve security and inter-organisational synergies
As an organisation, the United Nations is relatively well-represented in Denmark with no less than six separate sub-organisations employing a total of 1,100 people. Now the inter-organisational synergies, not to mention the security level, are to be stepped up by bringing all the UN's facilities together under one roof in a so-called 'UN City' in the north harbour district of Copenhagen, reports national daily newspaper Berlingske Tidende.
"By bringing together the UN sub-organisations under one roof, Denmark can contribute to making the interfacing more efficient. This is a key priority for Denmark and the UN system," the Minister for Development Cooperation Ulla Tørnæs told the newspaper.
The location chosen for the new UN City has advantages from a security perspective, at the same time as having good transport connections and sufficient space on the site to allow for a future increase in staff to around 2,000 people. The six UN units that will be moving together are WHO, UNICEF, UNOPS, UNDP, WFP and UNFPA.
Peter K. Thomsen Customs Union between Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus
The definitive legal text is in Russian only and can be found at the following website:
For more please contact the Danish Trade Council in Yekaterinburg (+7 343 253 53 20 // ) :
an English translation of the Customs Code of the Russia-Kazakhstan-Belarus Customs Union and some further documents relating to the Customs Code that have been received from Russia:
- a presentation of the Customs Code in English
- English translations of the Treaty on the Customs Code and a Resolution on the Treaty adopted in Minsk on 27 November 2009.


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