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SinoJobs is the leading Job Portal with focus on China and Europe. We offer latest Job Ads in the Greater China Region and Europe.

Oliver Liegel Retained Executive Search in China
What are the challenges of attracting senior management talent in China? What is the difference between a retained search firm and a contingent recruiter?
Sunil Kumar Network and Wireless - Fundamentals
The course explains in great details with amazing visuals about networking and Wireless fundamentals, will be very useful for...
Fresh Engineers
Experience Engineers/architects - for a recap.
Sample Topics :-
How to configure routers & switches
How wireless systems work
How signals are formed
How to plan your wireless network
How to plan IP addressing within your network
How to secure your network
How to calculate Wi-Fi AP range
Sunil Kumar Internet of Things in 5G - Certificate of Completion
The course explains in great details the trade-offs between cellular IoT and emerging low power wider area networking technologies (Sigfox/Lora/etc); it explains the advantages of cellular and gives technical details on Release 13 of NB-IoT, LTE-M and EC-GSM. Also, the course provides some of the untold and behind-the-scene facts on IoT.
Sample Topics :-
Activity #1: B2C vs B2B
Activity #2: Smart Parking
Activity #3: Smart Infrastructures
Activity #4: Smart Fields
Nur für XING Mitglieder sichtbar Latest Jobs on SinoJobs - Week 20 - Work with MSW GmbH, QVS Global China – a member of the ZWILLING Beauty Group, Drubba GmbH and others!
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Some attractive TopJobs are:
Chinesischsprachige/n Prüfungsassistent/in
MSW GmbH |::| Berlin, Germany
Visual Communications Design Manager
QVS Global China – a member of the ZWILLING Beauty Group |::| Guangdong, China
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