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Smart Entrepreneurial Designs bauen auf vernetzte Konzepte und ermöglichen dem Entrepreneur neue Formen von Unabhängigkeit und Flexibilität.

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Do you have a business to start, or to improve dramatically, thanks to my great, international experience.

To get an idea of my abilities, take a look of, and for more details do not hesitate emailing to

Since a few months I'm fully handicapped, but brain's fully working, and can work with my precious laptop. To me, doctors are responsible of some severe complications of my sickness, but I don't wanna give up, and keep exploiting my capabilities to be an entrepreneur myself, and/or to help entrepreneurs, wherever they are, realizing their own goals, quickly (speed driven results), by improving and accelerating processes, even business process, meeting required quality, thanks to available or less resources.

My support can be by delivering customized tools, and even by facilitating online meetings/webinars, in English, Italian, Spanish, German and, where needed, in French. Thanks to my methodology, your top management will improve their own performance, and number one will be the champion of the program/project.

When and if necessary, I have first class colleagues able to support on site.

That's one of my proposals.

The second one is: do you want me to become partner, to be supported at achieving top objectives? then, please, send me details, and I will be happy analyzing them, and give you a meditated, exhaustive reply, to eventually start a constructive discussion and collaboration.

I rely on a numerous and serious reaction, from all over the world, and please you to forward this message to all your industrial contacts. Surely, they will be grateful to you.

Warm regards,

Aldo Antonini

+39 329 813 8003, just for WhatsApp

Note: for those few who understand Italian, attached is the cover of my book, explaining how to maximize your company's results.

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Our clients have been reaching out to us in order to get help. They were frustrated with the news about the end of SharePoint support.

SharePoint is a highly effective collaboration environment. We hope it will continue to be so, but big changes are coming: the end of support for SharePoint 2007 and 2010.

It is to shatter our comfort zones since unsupported SharePoint versions will not provide adequate solutions to ensuring the data security. Which is a big minus, since data security is so crucial. In the times when election results are believed to fall prey to data breaches, even small enterprises need to watch diligently how well their data is protected.

They say, there is always safety in numbers. We can apply it to our context and say ¬– safety in a number of people who provide assisted support to your software. After the end of support, Microsoft team will be no longer available. This means that you’ll have to use your own human resources to maintain SharePoint 2007/2010. If that’s what suits you, then no problem. But you need to keep this in mind.

Finally, enterprises will not be able to make any big changes in this environment. End of support means putting an end to improvement and growth of the environment. Last but not least, end of support also indicates that if a company manages its software with internal policies, it will encounter difficulties with unsupported versions.

SharePoint shows us that dynamics is a key to success. In our fast-moving world, it is a clear truth that needs to be embraced. I will cover possible ways to deal with the end of SharePoint support in my next article.

Until then, you can post your questions about this topic in the commentaries. I’ll do my best to answer them.

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Danke für die Aufnahme Rainer:) na dann kanns ja mal losgehen mit dem Ausstausch:).
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Smart Entrepreneurial Designs

Der smarte Ansatz eines Entrepreneurial Designs und damit die Bedeutung des smarten Entrepreneurs nehmen immer stärker zu. Die Bandbreite erstreckt sich dabei vom Ein-Personen-Konzept bis hin zum Konzern, welcher sich beispielsweise den aktuellen Herausforderungen und Chancen der sogenannten Industrie 4.0 stellt. Was die Designs über alle Größen und Komplexitätsebenen hinaus vereint, ist ein starkes komponentenorientiertes Denken und die Erkenntnis, sowohl Dienstleistungen als auch ganze Produktionsabläufe nicht mehr aus dem eigenen Betrieb heraus vollumfänglich leisten zu müssen. Nahezu jeder Bereich kann dahingehend umgestellt werden, einer smarten Lösung zu folgen, wie etwa mittels externer Bürodienste oder auch durch das Einkaufen der benötigten Druckluft an der Produktionslinie anstelle der Kompressoranlagen.
Diese Gruppe soll all diejenigen zusammenführen und zu einem regen Austausch animieren, die sich für smarte Ansätze begeistern können. Dadurch können Kontakte geknüpft, Ideen verbreitet und Innovationen angestoßen werden. Ich hoffe auf eine lebendige Beteiligung!


Rainer Bühling