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Felix Bopp Amsterdam, Nov 7, 18:30: the future of Economy and Consciousness
Join our dialogue about ‘the future of Economy and Consciousness” – November 7, 18:30 in Amsterdam
Felix Bopp About 3-D printing and medicine, marketing made meaningful, balanced communities and ...
Lise Voldeng, CEO & Chief Creative Officer, Ultra-Agent Industries Inc.
Mylena de Pierremont, Board Member, World Future Society
Patrick Crehan, CEO and Founder, Crehan, Kusano & Associates
Markus Petz, Head of Special Projects & Development, Experience Alternative Tampere
Felix Bopp New: Club of Amsterdam Journal, July
Club of Amsterdam Journal, July / August 2013, Issue 159:
Club of Amsterdam - the next level - the story
Connecting globally - please support!
Chronicle and Reflexions of the Women in the World Summit Experience in New York
Club of Amsterdam blog
News about the Future
Time Reborn
Recommended Book: Who Owns the Future?
Sustainable connected cities
Futurist Portrait: John L. Petersen


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