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David Nimke ZeeLuxx | Luxury aquariums beyond your imagination
At Zeeluxx ( we revolutionize aquaristics!
We are determined to raise aquariums to an artistic level and put an end to the prevailing image of monotonous glass boxes.
Using modern art, we want to redefine the look of aquariums. The end products are handcrafted, high quality and unique works of art traded in the luxury sector.
If you want to become an (independent!) part of our project, you are welcome to contact us within the next few days. Every little help is of inestimable value to us.
Basically, we are looking for:
• advertising and sales cooperations on a commission basis
• advice and honest criticism
• people with experience in the luxury sector
For questions or further information, I am very happy to help.
Piyush Mandhare Know How Luxury Hotels Industry Targets Emerging Markets
Request Sample Copy For Professional Insight:
Luxury hotels offer the best and high end comfort and entertainment services to customers. Luxury hotels have become an important revenue contributor in the overall hospitality industry. The luxury hotel market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 4.1% from 2017 to 2025.
Report Broken Down on hotel types, the global luxury hotel market is segmented into suite hotels, resorts, business hotels, and airport hotels. It also analyse the Revenue terms of USD in global market.
Nur für XING Mitglieder sichtbar Friendly Reminder: Second Survey Round - The future of luxury goods marketing (A Delphi Study for 2027)
Dear Sir or Madam,
you really would be a great help if you could take about 15 minutes to answer my survey today!
my name is Annemarie Richter and I am currently writing my Bachelor thesis on the topic "The Future of Luxury Goods Marketing" at the University of Potsdam. Using the Delphi method, I try to assess how the luxury goods market will change in 2027. For this I need a number of experts who are active in the luxury sector.
That is why I turn to you!
I here present to you the second round of my Delphi study. You can now put your answers in relation to the answers of the other experts. This feedback process is of great importance for improving the results and is a key feature of the Delphi study. Thus the results of the first round are displayed to you under each thesis as well as the resulting median.
Because of the feedback I received, this second round is completely in english to reach an even larger group of experts.
Thanks in advance!


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