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This Group is for all the business owners, entrepreneurs & other professionals on how to do Social Media Marketing & Management effectively.

Social Media for Small Businesses!

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Wie man erfolgreich Instagram- und Facebook-Werbeanzeigen schaltet

#webinar #kostenlos #content #live-onlinekurs

Kostenfreies Live-Webinar

Wie du erfolgreich Instagram- und Facebook-Werbeanzeigen schaltest

#webinar #kostenlos #content #live-onlinekurs

The new NFT photography project looks back at the years 2013 to 2016. Can we guess what may lie ahead for Brazil in October 2022? To what extent can one of the largest and also youngest democracies in the world be further shaken to its foundations?

The photomontages represent a unique historical document in the young Brazilian democracy.

A re-launch of the collection will not take place.



to your success!!

Mit Facebook fragwürdigen Klick-Angaben zum Kaufabschluss gelockt!

So wird Neukundengewinnung richtig teuer, Kosten per Klick!

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Social Media for Small Businesses!

Small Businesses can't afford to keep a dedicated to work on the online presence and marketing. They won't be able to do it themselves without prior experience.

This group is for them to get the latest in Social Media. Social Media Marketing Tips, News, Updates and more on what's happening in the industry and how to make the best use of social media in their business.