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EERA – European Educational Research Association - is looking to increase our online profile by establishing a blog which channels information on Educational Research from those linked to EERA: EERA member-associations across Europe, our academic networks, the emerging researcher’s group as well as projects and publications linked to EERA.

The target audience for the blog will be individual educational researchers in Europe, members and representatives of educational research associations in Europe as well as education research stakeholders in funding agencies & politics. -

Based on

a.) a first paper on what EERA stakeholders foresee for the blog,

b.) a list of topics and contact persons who could contribute the first number of posts and

c.) a very basic demo-installation in wordpress we are looking for long time freelance support in order to

• Develop suggestions for the look and feel of the blog (a demo version in Wordpress exists, as well as a contract to technical/design partners)

• Create a style guide to ensure quality and style of content,

• Develop content for a “how to contribute to this Blog” site

• Create a content plan that looks at the year ahead and uses knowledge about upcoming and annual events etc., while also inviting “free posts”

• Create a review/publication process

• Consider visuals

• Help to see where already existing content from the website could be optimized

• Build up relationships to potential contributors in order to achieve a steady flow of articles.

• Develop plan/methods for SEO & evaluate usage statistics

• Ensure linkage to Social Media

• Support the Blog continuously after set up.

The blog manager will cooperate content-wise with an editorial group (to be set up) and the EERA office (administration) and will work closely with the EERA president.

As EERA stakeholders are spread across Europe, work will often be done via online-meeting platforms & project management tools.

If you are interested in supporting EERA with the creation of a blog on educational research in Europe, please be in touch with

Angelika Wegscheider,

Du möchtest erfolgreich Bloggen? Dann findest du am Ende unseres dieswöchigen Blogs viele hilfreiche Links, dein Wissen zu vertiefen.

Wir wollen euch heute nicht erklären, wie man bloggt sondern euch viele hilfreiche Blogger-Tools an die Hand geben. Mit Hilfe dieser Tools könnt ihr die Qualität eures Blogartikels, des Themas und den Erfolg messen.

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