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Prof. Dr. Christoph Zacharias

Startups aus wissenschaftliche Einrichtungen haben keine Bestandskunden. Sie brauchen daher frühzeitig neue Industrie-Mittel, um ihre laufenden Kosten zu decken und ihre Existenz zu sichern. Dies umso mehr in der jetzigen, komplizierten Situation.

Dieses Praxis-Webinar ist speziell konzipiert für GründerInnen von Hochtechnologie-Startups.

Hi guys, have you saw topics about common opposition of React and Angular technologies for web development. Like many telling one is better than other and so on. Just uploaded a new video where I share my experience and thoughts. It will be valuable if you want to understand the pluses and minuses of each

Hey folks, will be happy to hear your thoughts about how to find the right company for outsourcing the development. It’s the main point many CEO pay attention to

Hi guys. Could you let me know your thoughts about my second video in a series about outsourcing development? Will be happy to see any comments as it will help to make the next videos better

What’s up guys, want to share my video about preparations for outsourcing. You will find there both cases, mean if you want to do it only once and if you need to outsource pack or projects and need additional expertise. Let me know how helpful this video for you