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Jim Tompkins Tompkins Quarterly Update
I am often asked about what exciting stuff we're doing at Tompkins. After responding individually many times, we thought it would be of value to you to dedicate a quarterly update to answering these questions. This update gives you an overview of Tompkins, including more about the people here, some of our new and improved servies & solutions, and what's new in thought leadership, including newsletters and reports.
Jim Tompkins Discussing Risk Management Tools and Techniques: Special Podcast Edition
Check out this special edition of the Global Supply Chain Podcast!
What are the top risk management tools and techniques that businesses are employing today? Is your organization prepared for anything, and what are the biggest risks to your supply chain? At a session held at the Supply Chain Leadership Forum, members of the Supply Chain Consortium discussed their experiences and best practices for risk management. In this podcast, Bruce Tompkins, executive director of the Supply Chain Consortium, interviews Roger Paulson, director of the University of Wisconsin E-Business Consortium’s supply chain management, customer service and sales operations focus areas. At the forum, Roger delivered a presentation and led a discussion on risk management, with input and participation from the consortium’s members. Bruce and Roger chat live in this podcast from the Supply Chain Leadership Forum, held in Dallas August 31-September 1.
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Jim Tompkins Learn the Three Fatal Mistakes of Recession Recovery: Profitable Growth for Today's Businesses
In the Global Supply Chain Podcast, a series I host, we are exploring the topic of profitable growth and planning for organizations of any industry as the recession recedes. In part one of the podcast, I explain the top three fatal mistakes companies make as they create their profitable growth strategy. See what they are at - What other mistakes can companies make in the rush to recover from the recession?
You can listen to the podcasts or read the text transcripts. There's more about this series at and also information on how to subscribe to the podcast. I hope you check it out!


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