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Die führende Schweizer Community-Plattform für gelebte «Customer Excellence». Am 27. September 2017 in Zürich.

Sven Plundrich Welche Schlüsselkompetenz wünscht sich der Kunde vom Verkäufer?
Sind es eher Fachkompetenz oder kommunikative Fähigkeiten, eventuell die soziale Kompetenz oder eher die Beratungskompetenz oder gar die Entscheidungskompetenz?
Weit gefehlt.
Laut einer Studie ist eine andere, vielfach unterschätzte Kompetenz viel wichtiger.
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Nur für XING Mitglieder sichtbar What do you mean by a complete Business Development CRM solution?
Well, this is a very simple question but the answer to this question can be very descriptive with lot of open ends because business development activity varies from industry to industry and country to country.
A complete business development CRM system should be one which covers and track all activities of Marketing & Brand Building team, Sales team, Efforts of sales team members, Expenses of Sales personnel and derive Employee Profitability Index and above all, it must have a very deep drill down visualization of the data layer in the form of high-end Analytical Dashboards, for quick and correct decisions that is Business Intelligence.
If we go one step ahead, the system must also tell me what actions should be taken if the current business scenario changes to a set of pre-assumed & historical scenarios & parameters. This will help the management team with alerts and corrective mechanisms and that’s a small part of Artificial Intelligence.
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Nur für XING Mitglieder sichtbar Difference between Sales CRM & ERP system
What is an ERP System?
ERP system is designed to streamline the entire process of the company. It helps in managing all business functions and various departments of the organization. Like if we talk about a manufacturing unit, then ERP will be instrumental in managing and controlling the production, warehouse, packaging and shipping, accounting, etc.
What is CRM Software?
A Sales CRM is a system which controls, monitors and streamlines all business development processes. A good Sales CRM system must take care of the marketing campaign management with clarity of various activities in campaign and related budgets. It must also track the returns in terms of number of deals closed or lost against the money spent on the campaign, thus giving the ROI (Return on Investment) picture to the marketing and branding team. It must have the capability to handle various digital marketing actions and the traditional marketing efforts.
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