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Swissair Kinderhilfe Network Circle

Gruppe der '' zur Förderung karitativer Kinderhilfe weltweit (i.e. Austausch von Erfahrung / Know-how / Ideen).

Stefan Angst Credit Suisse Spende
Tolle Überraschung zum Jahresende: Die Credit Suisse spendete unserer Stiftung Fr. 4'500.-. Dies im Rahmen ihrer Glühwein-Aktion an der Weihnachtslichter-Premiere in Zürich. Auf dem Foto nehmen wir den grosszügigen Check entgegen, 2. von rechts Herr Antenen von der CS. Herzlichen Dank!
Stefan Angst Danke!
Wir und die Organisation SOS-Kinderdorf bedanken uns: Dank Ihrer/unserer vierzigjährigen Treue konnten wir mit unserer Stiftung Kinderhilfe des Swissair Personals in all den Jahren ein Spendenvolumen von insgesamt CHF 9’892’580 für die 22 Swissair-Häuser und Swissair-Familien in den SOS-Kinderdörfer generieren! Wir wünschen Euch und Euren Familien frohe Festtage!
Stefan Angst NAG - Supported by our Foundation
Dr. Sapana Tamang aged 29 (born in the year 1988) came to NAG in the year 2000 when she was 12 years old, one of the first students to graduate and becoming a doctor. She lost her mother in her very early childhood (when she was only 3 months old) due to lack of proper treatment during pregnancy. Since, her childhood she had a great enthusiasm for the medical field and provoked her even more to study medicines when she found out, how her mother died. Her father re-married, she was never accepted by the stepmother so she had been looked after by her grandmother who had trouble working due to her old age. Out of this reason she could not go to school. Grandmother came to know about NAG through neighbours around and that helped her to get into NAG and to pursue her dream to study medicines. She was very special and intelligent. From day one, she was the best in her class. Her aim was always to become a doctor and reach out service to the poor people of Nepal. Her dream came true and she thinks it’s possible through NAG. Now, she is working as a medical officer in Children’s hospital in Kathmandu. Not just in the hospital but inside NAG clinic, NAG mobile clinic where it provides free medical health check-ups to earthquake affected remote areas of Nepal and tries to help as many wounded or injured as possible. Furthermore, she wants to complete MD (Doctor of Medicine) in Paediatric and is preparing for tests into various institutes.
NAG is supported by our foundation, the coordinator from our board is Daniela Weis.
Stefan Angst Tuwapende Watoto, Tansania Contact within the Foundation: Eva Marti
Eva worked for almost 20 years in the hotel and tourism industry, before she joined Swissair in 1986. She was engaged in different areas, survived the grounding and continued at Swiss. Her last position was at Network Planning and Route Economics, she retired in 2010.
Since 2011, Eva works for the Foundation and is responsible for the bookkeeping and other financial matters.


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