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Swissair Kinderhilfe Network Circle

Gruppe der '' zur Förderung karitativer Kinderhilfe weltweit (i.e. Austausch von Erfahrung / Know-how / Ideen).

Stefan Angst 12. Oktober 2018 - Swissair Kinderhilfe mit Stand an Weltraumkonferenz im Verkehrshaus
Eine „Weltraum-Konferenz“ zum Thema „Leadership“ und „Resource Management“ in Extremsituationen - Wie Management und Raumfahrt voneinander profitieren können! Matthias Mölleney hielt an dieser Konferenz ein Referat zum Thema „Leadership in schwierigem wirtschaftlichem Umfeld“.
An dieser interessanten Veranstaltung war auch die 'Swissair Kinderhilfe' mit einem Stand vertreten.
Stefan Angst Child's Dream & Our Foundation
For nearly 10 years we collaborate with Child’s Dream to improve the quality of education in the Mekong-Sub-Region by supporting the construction of schools and boarding houses as well as providing High School Scholarships to talented and highly motivated children. We are proud to announce that we embarked on the 9th project in 2017, the construction of a new school building at Phnom Prampy Primary School in Cambodia. The new school building is finished and being used by students and teachers since early 2018. Before the new building was constructed, over 100 of the students had to be taught in two temporary and unsafe school buildings. The new building, having four classrooms, provides the students a new, motivating and safe learning environment. The official opening ceremony was held in spring 2018, which is a very essential part of the project cycle. During the event the new building was officially handed over to students, teachers, the principal, the school committee and the Bour community, who are now responsible for maintaining the school. Such an inauguration ceremony is such an emotional and heart-warming event, starting with a blessing by Buddhists monks over all the beneficiaries expressing their appreciation in different ways with great dancing performances, festive decoration, expressive speeches of thanks, the preparation of all kind of delicious local food and happy faces all around. The traditional ribbon cutting and tree planting and the ceremonial contract signing complete the picture of a perfect opening day. All of this alongside with the presence of a lot of community members and even government officials at the inauguration ceremony emphasizes the importance of our support. We can be proud that we together can shape the future of young individuals and a whole community one more time. There is not much more than to say thank you to all of our supporters and for being on board to follow our common mission with Child’s Dream!
Frank Geisler Labdoo Laptop erreicht Stiftung Kinderhilfe des Swissair Personals
Grosser Jubel bei der Übergabe des ersten Laptops an das "Learning Center" Morning Star in Bangalore, Indien.
Die über 100 Kinder, des von der Stiftung Kinderhilfe des Swissair Personals unterstützen Waisenhauses, freuen sich sehr auf die damit stark verbesserten Bildungsmöglichkeiten:
Wir vom Verein ( danken allen Involvierten, insbesondere Marcel Hungerbühler und Werner Krummenacher.
#Labdoo #Laptops #Spende #Bildung #Indien
Stefan Angst Marcel Hungerbühler, our President of the Swissair Staff Foundation for Children in Need:
"On my way to Bangalore I stopped over in Mumbai to visit the two NGOs Apnalaya and SUPPORT and admire their great work. The Swissair Staff Foundation for Children in Need has been supporting the two organisations for many years. Apnalaya is committed to improve the livelihood of the communities living in the Shivaji Nagar slum and SUPP=RT cares for the street children of Mumbai. I was most impressed about their highly commendable work. Thank you Annabel, Arun and Tejashree for your hospitality!"
Andreas Wenger
Wir freuen uns sehr auf die Präsentation der Stiftung 'Kinderhilfe des Swissair-Personals' durch Marcel Hungerbühler anlässlich unseres nächsten «swiss value circle»-Netzwerk-Events am 12. März im Restaurant 'Hans im Glück' in Kloten!
Stefan Angst Credit Suisse Spende
Tolle Überraschung zum Jahresende: Die Credit Suisse spendete unserer Stiftung Fr. 4'500.-. Dies im Rahmen ihrer Glühwein-Aktion an der Weihnachtslichter-Premiere in Zürich. Auf dem Foto nehmen wir den grosszügigen Check entgegen, 2. von rechts Herr Antenen von der CS. Herzlichen Dank!


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