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Target Training GmbH: Business English Training Group

A place to post and share Business English training topics designed to help improve your international communication at work.

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Jenifer Ludner
I would like to register too. Qui n'aime pas gagner de l'argent supplémentaire?
Patrick Geiser Business Translations
Dear Ladies and Gentlemen
I have been working as a translator (English & German) for various companies in the following business areas for over 10 years:
Technical Translator & Proofreading for:
- Medical Technology
- Surface Technology
- Pharmacy
- Biology
- Chemistry
- Law
- Linguistics & Literature
- etc.
Range of Translations:
- Technical Documentation:
Texts of CAD Drawings
-Homepage, Marketing, Advertising, IT:
Advertising flyers, leaflets, presentations, catalogs, lay outs, event & sponsoring, press releases, internal journals, hr presentations, protocols (...)
- Business Documents
Labour Contracts (...)
Instructions for use, patents & clinical studies, biotechnical studies
- Standard texts FDA, (...)
 Are you looking for (specialised) translations?
If you are interested, I will gladly send you my CV.
Thank you very much.
With kind regards
Patrick Mathias Geiser


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