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A place to post and share Business English training topics designed to help improve your international communication at work.

Tammy Miller Hello
Hi Everyone,
I'm an InCorporate trainer in Karlsruhe and I look forward to chatting with everyone. I am sure we will all get some useful learning and training tips from each other.
Matt Schmid Feedback vs. Answer
Correct or incorrect?
1. I sent an email to a customer because I need to know when we have our next training. I am still waiting for her feedback.
2. Yesterday I got all the feedbacks from the seminar participants.
Some important things to remember:
1. If you ask someone a direct question, you expect to get an answer, not feedback. (Feedback is not an “answer”.)
2. If you want someone’s opinion, observation or criticism (positive or negative), then maybe you want their feedback.
3. We cannot count feedback. It’s like “information”. There is no “s”. I cannot give you three feedbacks.(incorrect) I can give you some or a lot of feedback (like “information”), but I cannot count it.
4. In my feedback, I have several points I would like to give you.
Matt Schmid Hello!
I am an InCorporate Trainer for Target Training in Stuttgart, Germany. I look forward to being able to help those who want to improve their Business English as well as get some good ideas from other trainers out there.


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