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Daniel Meidl TEDx EBS "dare to" am 5 November 2016
++++++ TICKET RELEASE ++++++
On the 5th of November the very first edition of TEDxEBS will take place in Oestrich-Winkel! Dare to be inspired and become part of this great event! In the spirit of "Ideas Worth Spreading" and EBS' motto of "Inspiring Personalities" the theme will be "DARE TO...": Dare to aim high. Dare to connect. Dare to be inspired...
Only around 50 seats available! Don't miss out on talks by diverse speakers, valuable networking opportunities and an unforgettable TED experience.
Purchase your ticket now at:
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Richard Tan Exclusive Invitations to National Achievers Congress May 2 - 3 ,2015
am a seminar organizer and i am organizing an event name National Achievers Congress where i invite local and oversea speaker to give conference in Germany. You may have a further information on the following website.
Please login to the following to redeem a complimentary silver ticket to join this event.
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