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Bruse Wane The Album Defjam Did Not Want You To Have -
The album Defjam did not want you to have. 5 years in the making, but if you ask Bruse Wane it was more like a life time. Many obstacles had to be over come to bring you the Hip-Hop fan this album; including a last ditch smear campaign by Defjam and one of Hip-Hop's biggest media sites AllHipHop.Com. To prevent you the listener from getting an album that promotes more than self hate, materialism and illuminati paganism.
Bruse Wane Bruse Wane Speaks On Inspiration Meeting With Big Pun %?
[VIDEO] Bruse Wane Speaks On Inspirational Meeting With Big Pun..
Bruse Wane recalls inspirational meeting with Hip-Hop Legend the late great Big Pun, then drops an on the fly in studio freestyle. The Dark Knight Album Drops June 16th 2013... Watch Video HERE >>


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