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Susanne Strahringer IS/IT Backsourcing Decisions - Research Study
Have you been previously involved in IS sourcing decisions and would be willing to support one of our research projects? We aim to discover key drivers for IS backsourcing decisions. The figure illustrates our terminology. If you are willing to help, please participate by answering the questions in our survey. Many thanks for your support!
Here is the Link:
Georgi Dimitrov How the SME could overcome the lack of senior software developers and IT-talents? Why not hiring a dedicated team of Software developers from Bulgaria?
AT Kearney describes Bulgaria as a home of advanced IT centers servicing both multinationals and local companies. True, Bulgaria offers everything that a company would look for in an outsourcing destination, especially for the IT sector – a large talent pool of professionals, a strong educational system that excels in engineering, and a strong presence of multinational companies in the region.
Bulgaria also offers:
• Maturity and robust growth of the BPO and contact center sector, with over 22,000 people employed in the industry
• Excellent language skills in all major European languages. 45% of the Bulgarian population speaks at least one foreign language, and 85% of students study English
• A highly-qualified, motivated and flexible labor force – 28% of the population holds university degrees
• A large talent pool with strong aptitude for IT and traditions in the engineering industry
• Cultural proximity to the Western business world in terms of business attitude and ethics
• Geographical proximity to Central and Western Europe, and EU member states
Brigitta Bihari Free Independent Destination Guide Egypt
Shared knowledge of Egypt as a destination for ITO, BPO, and SSC in 58 pages. You find a detailed market overview, profiles & contacts of leading organizations, market analyses, unique solutions invented by Egyptian service industry experts in the form of case studies and project reports.
You can download the PDF free here:
Alexander Gärtner Participate in my research on RPA in insurance operations
I am still looking for participants for my master thesis survey about RPA in insurance operations. You work in insurance company, insurance consultancy, IT, RPA or any related field, then please take 5 minutes of your time to participate.
Any support by participating, forwarding/sharing the link is highly appreciated!


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