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The Project Management Podcast

Project Management for Beginners and Experts with weekly interviews and articles.

Svetlana Trofymenko What Can PMs Learn from Recent Biggest Failures in Construction Projects?
Construction projects continue to fail big. Here are four lessons we can learn from them.
Svetlana Trofymenko 13 Effective Methods to Ace Problems Like a Pro
To become well-versed in the art of problem-solving, you need to arm yourself with two things. First, patience. Second, the most effective methods and techniques, which we’ve collected as a result of our investigations.
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Svetlana Trofymenko Meet Epicflow at the PM Conference in Slovenia on 22 March 2018
Project Management in Practice is the perfect conference to visit in Slovenia if you pilot many projects at the same time and want to upgrade your PM skills. I hope to meet you there!


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