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Arman Pablo H2 2018 Global Petrochemical Capacity and Capital Expenditure Outlook-Rosneft Oil Co Drives Global Petrochemical Capacity Additions
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Global Petrochemicals capacity is expected to experience considerable growth over the next nine years from around 1,500 mtpa in 2017 to more than 2,000 mtpa by 2026. More than 1,000 planned and announced petrochemicals plants are expected to come online, primarily in Asia and the Middle East over the next nine years. Rosneft Oil Co, Saudi Arabian Oil Co, and China Petrochemical Corp are the top three companies in terms of planned and announced capacity additions during the outlook period.
-Global Petrochemicals capacity outlook by region
-Petrochemicals planned and announced plants details
-Global Petrochemicals capacity by commodity
-Capacity share of the major petrochemicals producers globally
-Global petrochemicals capital expenditure outlook by region.


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